We are an authorised refund point for the “Containers for Change WA” scheme conveniently located on 273 South Western Highway, Armadale as a drop off point.

We can offer pickup services of bins and bags to the below:

  • Pubs/Bars/Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Events and Functions
  • Community Groups

We can also arrange bags to local schools or other associations for fundraisers. We can help organisations set up their scheme ID to receive your refunds.

This scheme means you will be able to receive 10c back for every eligible beverage container. You will be raising funds all while recycling and doing your part to help clean up WA. Down Under Recycling would like to simplify the process for your organisation to participate, receive the funds for your used beverage containers and add an income stream to your fundraising activities. Down Under Recycling will provide either 240L or 1100L bins or bags to your organisation and collect once full either on demand or an agreed regular collection cycle. All collection services are free of any cost to your organisation.

You can make a difference today not only to the environment but also to your wallet. Turn your containers into cash today.